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We offer a wide variety of quality products and supplements to assist you in achieving your goals.  Call us today for details.

A Modern and Comprehensive Approach to Your Healthcare

Dr. Faisal Wasi, MD is a five-star Diagnostician who is well certified in IV Infusion Therapy, Botox Cosmetics & Botox Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma PRP & Dermal Fillers. He also offers Nutrition Counseling for weight management, Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

Wellness Therapy

Try our Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), along with our nutrition counseling and Glutathione therapy.

Infusion Therapy

We offer a wide variety of over twenty-five different types of IV Infusions.

Call us for details.

Aesthetics Treatment

Rejuvenate with our all new PRP therapy.  We also offer Botox and dermal fillers.  Try our Kybella injections for a unique way to treat body fat.

Products &


Select from a wide variety of products and supplements.

Ask us today.

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