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MVP Infusion


Before or after strenuous exercise.

Hydration Infusion


If you get chronic headaches or are depleted of electrolytes. If you feel dehydrated & want to replenish fluid levels.

MedFusion Signature


When you feel tired and want to get that extra energy and kick out of life.

High Dose Vitamin C


Fights off fatigue & cold. Replenishes electrolytes, strengthens Immune system, Helps cell production.


Bold & Beautiful


Before special occasions to replenish vibrancy.

I Said YES to Myers


Before or during a headache. Once every 2 weeks to address chronic disease.

Detox &



For fatigue, signs of aging, irritability & mood swings.



Before or after strenuous exercise. Weekly as part of your weightloss regiment.




Best before a long weekend or celebration to avoid a hangover.




During an active migraine or headache.



When you are getting ready to have a general procedure done.



After your procedure to expedite healing & detoxify your body.

Athletes Are US


Before a physically & mentally demanding event like marathon. Whenever you are fatigued & mentally bogged down.

Say No To Jet Lag


Before and after long flights to reduce jet lag and airplane dehydration.

Stress Away


When experiencing high stress, poor sleep and/or high anxiety.

Pregnancy Glow


For nausea and headache associated with pregnancy. Acidity from eating & decreased energy.

Libido More


For decreased sex drive, low energy & mood swings.

Antioxidant wellness


When starting a new weight loss plan or hit a weight loss plateau. Hangover cure to decrease inflammation.


Radiation recovery


Before or after chemo and radiation treatment.




For overnighter, wedding or a long weekend festival.

Allergic Rhinitis


Before a cold, flu or allergy season.

Baby Boom


When trying to become pregnant.

Vegan Vitamin


When you need extra vitamins & minerals due to lack of protein intake.

Food Poisoning Relief


Blood stool, vomit or diarrhea for more than 3 days. Extreme pain, cramps or fever greater than 101.5

Immunity Support


When starting to get a cold of feeling run down or around people who are already sick.



Chronic sleep deprivation, muscle cramps,  weakness & fatigue.

Lunch On Me


Dehydrated, fatigued, depression, lack of energy.

Made of Iron


When experiencing lethargy, irritability, shortness of breadth, anemia & fatigue.

Visitors Have Arrived (PMS)


Before PMS, during PMS, after PMS for hydration.

Healthy Gut (IBS)

Experiencing symptoms of IBS or suffering from IBS.




Early signs of depression & PTSD. Feeling of anxiety & stress.

Parkinsons & Dementia


Early signs of Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Vestibular disorders, Lyme disease.

Someone Get Me Kleenex

(Cold & Flu)


Early Signs of Cold & Flu. During Cold & Flu.

Alkalinity Infusion


Fatigue, Lethargic, Stressed, Sleep Deprived.

Amino Acids IV


Anxiety, stressed, mood irritability, sleeplessness, fatigued, unnecessary cravings.

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